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Furniture & Equipment for Boys & Girls Teen Room (2012)

February 11, 2012 // Posted in Special Projects (Tags: ) |  No Comments

We were approached early in 2012 by the Boys & Girls Club of Ada, who had an urgent need. They had been working on the creation of a new Teen Room, but didn’t have funding for the furnishings and equipment, such as televisions and computers. We had been planning to do another project of about this size with them this year, anyway, and we really liked this one. So do the kids according to the rumors we’re hearing.

Colors & Lights at the Boys & Girls Club (2011)

July 11, 2011 // Posted in Special Projects (Tags: ) |  No Comments

In 2011, the Boys & Girls Club asked us to fund a sort of miscellaneous project. We bought new lighting for the gym, and we bought paint. Lots and lots of paint.

With lots and lots of labor, the staff and many volunteers turned this paint into a fresh new look for pretty much the whole building. We think it really feels like a place folks would want to be now.

Gym Padding for the Boys & Girls Club (2010)

November 10, 2010 // Posted in Special Projects (Tags: ) |  No Comments

We were very pleased with our 2009 project for the Boys & Girls Club of Ada, and offered to do another for 2010. The number one need on their list for the year was padding for their gym, and we were pleased to provide the funding for that.

Prior to the addition of the padding, the walls were fairly hazardous, with a hard contact surface and even some sharp metal edges in places. It’s safer and more pleasant and usable now. We also like the new look.

Boys & Girls Club Game Room (2009)

June 23, 2010 // Posted in Special Projects (Tags: ) |  No Comments

In looking around Ada for worthwhile places in which our special projects might really make a different, we quickly settled on the Boys and Girls Club of Ada as a good candidate.

Our first project there, in 2009, was to equip the game room. We provided funding for refurbishment of pool tables and other equipment, and to purchase some new game tables.

This room sees a lot of use, and we’ve enjoyed seeing the benefits of this project.